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New life of your elevators and escalators

Elevators and escalators are reliable devices and work for a very long time but equipment wears out and outdates technically and externally, therefore maintenance, repair and general operation costs may increase over time. Replacement of equipment is not always economically reasonable or sometimes simply impossible within the allocated budget.

AS ELIF has a solution: we will make a modernization of your elevators and escalators in compliance with your requirements. We offer a wide range of services, from replacement of single components of equipment to its full replacement. All mechanical and electrical components will be adapted to the existing equipment. You will immediately see the results which will be pleasing you for a long time.

Why modernize?

Modernization is required in order to keep elevators, escalators and other types of lifting and handling equipment safe, reliable and consuming minimal energy.
Modernization has lots of advantages for all interested parties – owners, managers, passengers:

What to modernize?

AS ELIF pays special attention to what is important to you, using the high quality equipment and fulfilling tasks with the maximum flexibility, speed and professionalism. Basic modernization solutions include:

First step is a thorough evaluation of equipment on spot by AS ELIF expert. On the basis of analysis we offer a solution made with consideration of client’s requirements.

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