Elif AS - Liftid, Eskalaatorid | Paigaldus, Hooldus

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Experience from generation to generation

AS ELIF was founded in 1991 and has been successfully operating in the market.

Our company’s experts have accumulated extensive experience in the installation, maintenance and modernization of the elevators. The experience which is passing from generation to generation.

AS ELIF company offers innovative and eco-efficient solutions for elevators, lifts and escalators.

We provide support to clients at every stage: from choosing of equipment and design, manufacturing and installation to maintenance service and equipment modernization.

AS ELIF collaborates with manufacturers who are well known in many countries of the world and whose equipment has been proved equally good in apartment buildings, office buildings, administrative, sports, cultural and entertainment complexes, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, hospitals and private residences.

The main partner of AS ELIF is Schindler company (founded in 1874 in Switzerland) who is the world’s leading manufacturer of elevators, escalators and provider of related services.

We pay great attention to every client, as well as always open to cooperation, and we hope that you will find here a reliable and profitable partner.

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